Community of Practice

The UK-Med Community of Practice was established to unite UK healthcare workers in a network of like-minded professionals with a commitment to humanitarian principles and an interest in emergency humanitarian response. It is open to all healthcare workers professionally registered in the UK.

Registered members of the Community of Practice will receive opportunities for training and overseas work, both paid and voluntary, that are offered by UK-Med, our partners and other external organisations.

UK-Med also recruits members of the UK Emergency Medical Team (UKEMT) programme through the Community of Practice. All members of the Community of Practice will automatically be considered for selection to a Pre-Deployment Course (PDC) as part of recruitment to a UKEMT on-call team. 

It is important that members keep their online profile up-to-date and populated in full (including a current CV) once they have completed their registration. This helps to ensure members can be considered for all opportunities Members can access their online profile here.

Join the Community of Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve submitted an application to join the Community of Practice but I haven’t received my log-in details yet?

All applications to the Community of Practice are subject to review as part of the joining process. Should your application be accepted, you will receive your log-in details within 5 working days following submission via an automated email. Please note that these emails may be filtered to your Junk/Spam folder.

What should I do once I’ve received my Community of Practice log-in details?

Once you have received your account details you should log-in and complete your profile, ensuring that all relevant fields are completed and a current CV is uploaded. This will ensure that you receive details of the most relevant volunteering and training opportunities via email.

I’ve forgotten my Community of Practice account password. What should do I?

In the first instance Community of Practice members can use the ‘Forgot my password’ function, which can be found on the log-in page. If this does not solve the problem, please contact

Can I be a member of the UK-Med Community of Practice and volunteer for work with other organisations?

Yes – being a member of the Community of Practice does not preclude you from working or belonging to other organisations. UK-Med will often circulate details of training and volunteering opportunities from other external organisations via email. Gaining humanitarian experience by working with other organisations is one way to improve the likelihood of selection for UKEMT activities.

Can I forward training application details to my colleagues who might be interested?

You are able to share the details of training courses with interested colleagues, however please note that all attendees must have membership with the Community of Practice otherwise they will not be able to be considered. If you are going to share details of opportunities with colleagues who are not already part of the Community of Practice, please also direct them to the sign-up page.

I’m currently studying and would like to apply for work experience or an elective with UK-Med. Is this possible?

At this time UK-Med is not able to offer work experience or elective placements for students.